Evil teams
Alpha teens in summer

A.T.O.M. Force Tranformed is a new animated television and the sequel of original A.T.O.M. for JetixRestored.

Characters Edit

Alpha Teens Edit

  • Hqdefault
    Secret admirer
    Axel Manning
  • Crey Kingstone (King)
  • Catalina Leone (Lioness)
  • Zack Hawkes (Hawk)
  • Ollie Herbert Surfer Sharker (Shark)
  • İbrahim Selim
  • Sevda Karasu
  • Zenan Parlar
  • The alchemist

Paine's Gang Edit

  • Firekat
    Alexander Paine
  • Tilian
  • Wrecka
  • Firekat
  • Snake
  • Construction Maximus
  • Superion Maximus
  • Demolishor
  • Cyclonus
  • Bruticus Maximus

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