Yin Yang Yo Yun! is an American/Canadian flash animated television series of original Yin Yang Yo!, when Yin and Yang have discover new warrior named Yun.

Characters Edit

  • Yang:  Master Yo's student and the older twin brother of Yin. He mostly uses the Martial Arts side of Woo Foo, but is able to use the Mystic side of Woo Foo as well. Yang is a cuckoo, lucky, courageous yet negligent and hasty character, and has a liking for clowns, fights, video games and often seeks attention as a hero.
  • Yin: Master Yo's student and the younger twin sister of Yang. Yin is a pink rabbit. Yin is pictured as intelligent, cute, feminine, and sassy. She mostly uses the Mystic side of Woo Foo, but she is also able to use the Martial Arts side of Woo Foo. She is often quite stubborn, and shows that she loves a tidy house and clean environment
  • Master Yo: a bachelor panda with a hundred years of age but with zero parenting skills and the skillful master of ancient martial arts known as Woo Foo. He was talked into training Yin and Yang, as he is the last Woo Foo warrior (and perhaps the last panda) in the world.[4] He is often portrayed as arrogant, stubborn, indifferent yet bears great sage wisdom and is often quick with a saying from sacred scrolls.
  • Yun The Snayer:

Development Edit